Ecopal's technology is eco-friendly and mindful to local conditions.
An inexpensive and easy-to-operate alternative to traditional waste disposal, aerobic biotoilets are a great way to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals while supporting the Indian government's vision of a cleaner, healthier society.
Shrachi's Aerobic Bio Toilet comes with the following features:
No sewer lines • No septic tank • No maintenance • No manual scavenging • Customisable and made to order
Technical features of aerobic media

Multi strain Aerobic Bacterial Culture

Strain 1: Releases amylase that digests complex polysaccharides (carbohydrate)

Strain 2: Releases cellulolytic enzyme that digests cellulosic/brous substrates

Strain 3: Releases lipolytic enzyme that digests lipids (fats & oils)

Strain 4: Releases proteolytic enzyme that digests complex proteins

Strain 5:> Neutralizes odour

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